You will have seen elsewhere on this site that that I also write poetry. I’m not a prolific poet, in fact I’m not a prolific anything but I do write poetry. I did a post a while back about how I write my poems and another one about how I make the poetry videos that you can find over on my YouTube and Vimeo pages. Also on YouTube I decided to make that first post about writing poetry into a video. here it is:

OK, that’s how I write poetry, now for the poems themselves. Vimeo is a site similar to YouTube although not as popular, and I tend to put my updated videos on there but they are mostly on the more popular YouTube. Here are two of my personal favourites;

You can find my YouTube Playlist of all my video poetry by clicking here.

If you would prefer to read my poetry, a lot of my poems are available over on my Write Out Loud page, or why not try my Anthology, A Warrior of Words?