A Girl Called Pamela Taylor

I wrote this many years ago and it was called ‘A girl called Paper Tangle.’ It was one of those inspirational poems where you suddenly get an idea and just go with it. It has a nice rhythm and trips along well but I was never happy with the ‘paper tangle’ thing. Anyway, not long ago I changed it to Pamela Taylor and the poem feels so much better. Apologies to any girl called Pamela Taylor!

A Girl Called Pamela Taylor


Pamela Taylor wears chic clothes

Designer labels, anything goes.

Her coat has buttons made of gold

She likes to be noticed, she’s bold.


Pamela Taylor wears black boots,

Her body is a gun that shoots.

She’s incredibly sexy and overtly erotic

and her taste is impossibly exotic


Pamela Taylor has blue-eyed eyes

and discreetly she enters other people’s lives.

She’ll trap you with magnetic sighs

and it’s yourself you’ll probably despise


Pamela Taylor knows all the best wine

and any man she wins in time.

She’s every scene-stealer and wheeler-dealer,

And to the social lepers she’s a saintly healer.


Pamela Taylor never pays her fees

She opens locks with other people’s keys

One look will slice you through if you tell her lies

Or nothing she can’t easily surmise.

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