The Assassination of John F Kennedy

An appropriate reblog for the 22nd November. .

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Dealey Plaza The 22nd of November 2013 was the fiftieth anniversary of one of the most shocking events of the twentieth century, the assassination of President John F Kennedy. I personally expected a deluge of TV documentaries about the assassination but in fact on UK TV there really weren’t that many. A re-showing of the Oliver Stone movie, JFK. A documentary about media response to the assassination which was really the media looking at themselves. But that was really it, there were no probing or investigative programmes, perhaps in 2013 it was far too late for that.

In 1988, twenty five years after John Kennedys death, a veritable wave of documentaries were broadcast on British television, including a rare showing on channel four of the 1966 film of Mark Lane’s ‘Rush to Judgement’. On ITV a documentary by producer Nigel Turner called ‘The Men who Killed Kennedy’ was aired, claiming fantastically that assassins from the French…

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10 responses to “The Assassination of John F Kennedy

  1. Video footage clearly shows that John F. Kennedy was shot 2 times, 1 shot sending his head forward, the other sending it backward. The 3rd shot hit Texas governor John Connally. Either Lee Harvey Oswald had quick reflexes (hard to believe, since he only qualified as a marksman,) or there was more than one shooter. Even if there was damning evidence against Lee Harvey Oswald, why was it not fully disclosed to the general public? Here are some videos:, 2:, 3:, 4:, 5: 6: of these videos paint a much different picture that contradict the official narrative.

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  2. Steve Higgins, I used to believe the official story, however, based on research I have done, I find any notion of a lone gunman to be absurd. Firing 3 shots from a bolt action rifle in 6 seconds-that seems to be absurd. Even if he was a shooter, which I doubt, that does not account for the fact that John F. Kennedy was shot multiple times. Lee Harvey Oswald was shot and killed before anything could be told regarding his role in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Some people cling to the official story, which omits key facts regarding the assassination.

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    • Absolutely! The rifle in question was oily and had an unaligned sight, Oswald himself was encountered minutes after the shooting by patrolman Marion Baker we could go on and on Jeffrey . .


      • If Lee Harvey Oswald was encountered minutes after the shooting, why all the lies about him being the lone assassin? He was judged and found guilty by people who did not have all of the facts without due process. Jack Ruby killing him is also mysterious.


      • Steve Higgins, my b.s. meter is pretty high. I used to buy the official story. Some people tested the very weapon that Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly used and the timing was not as accurate Firing 3 shots in 6 seconds-that does not seem possible. Even though I do not believe everything he says, Jesse Ventura, former Minnesota governor, tried it and he hit the target a few times, even getting a head shot. However, he did not do it in the same amount of time that Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly had done it.

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      • Did he do it with the actual Oswald rifle? And remember also the relescopic sight on the rifle was defective so how could Oswald even aim at his target?


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