Can you pass the bread?

quotescover-JPG-52Blood rising Heart pumping

You were the centre of my passion, once

Though now we meet very politely

And exchange pleasantries

And touch on former days,



Your husband seems nice

And I like the wine he’s chosen

At a very reasonable price.

Though you must forgive me for thinking

How I much prefer the red to the white,



Blood rising Heart pumping

Could you pass the bread?

And how much longer can we be gracious when I’m hanging by a thread?

I’m filled with desire

And thoughts I cannot mention

So, Can you pass the bread,


The Cat from across the Road




Everything seemed in order, I suppose, to die

It was a warm enough day;



The sun shone and birds sung

Even though birds would cause a feline heart to race



I’ve had my fill of life

Of tit bits and cosy sleeps, sometimes in next doors shed



And I’ve had my chases and midnight hunts

And I’ve always remembered my owners and left them a mouse or two,



A last cuddle would have been nice

Still, all in all it’s been a good life, and I’ve loved it



I’ve always liked this tree

I can keep my eye on the birds and the sun comes down



So now I’ll just close my eyes and die

And go on to the next of my nine lives


The Child Inside

quotescover-JPG-68The child inside of me.
is the child I used to be.
The hopes and fears
Of the child inside
Are still alive in me,
And every day, in every way
I’m still the child inside.

The child inside shapes the view
Of the world I see today
And the eyes of the child
Are round and wide
And I will be their guide.

For the child inside everything is new
Every road and every lane
We’ve yet to travel through
And the tiny hands of the child inside
Nestle inside mine
And every soul I touch
Will touch the child inside.

The child inside is innocent
And free of any stain
But we are linked by deeper bonds
Our soul is the very same.
The child inside
Is me inside,
the conscience within my pride.