My 10 Best Posts of 2014

dsc_ed20287Well, 2014. There it was -gone!

This has been my first year as a regular blogger and it’s gone reasonably well. I don’t seem to have enticed thousands of followers to my pages -yet! But I live in hope. I’ve got a good following and I really do like writing and becoming a regular writer has helped me in my craft. I’ve improved as a writer and I’m starting to think like a writer.

I started blogging so that I could plug my book, ‘Floating In Space.‘ It’s a novel set in Manchester in the late seventies, actually 1977 and it’s based on my own experiences from those days.  It’s a nostalgic novel based on memories of pubs, bars, girls and the nightlife of Manchester in the seventies. Thrown into that is a heavy dose of fiction mixed up with some serious reflections and we’re left with what I hope is a pretty entertaining story. If you were given a kindle for Christmas why not treat yourself to the kindle version!

Anyway, back to my ten favourite blogs. Here they are in order of publishing.

(10) Here’s the first one: What Do French People do?

(9) Another favourite is this one: If Only I’d Gotten in the Taxi! Yes, If only I had and maybe I could have become a Channel Four documentary director!

(8) Buses, Nicknames and the Scaremonger! Another true story and one day I must write more about Mr Nasty!

(7) Marlon Brando, Texts, and Extraordinary Behaviour!

(6) Catchphrases, pub friends, and Big Steve. Big Steve was a good friend and the last time I saw him was in the pub at Christmas. A big, strong, jovial guy, I would never have guessed that this was the last time I would ever see him.

(5) The Sound Barrier and my inflight Canine Friend! Never go flight training with a dog on board the aircraft!

(4) Childhood, Hoodies, and a Shaggy Dog Story! Makes me laugh just to think about this one!

(3) Competitions and Getting Even With Your Brother. (Well, he had it coming!)

(2) Mr Todd and the Sound of that elusive next Blog. Sometimes it’s hard to get the ideas coming. This one came to me after some hard graft at the keyboard. Should have saved it for my Christmas blog really, it brings those long ago Christmases back to life!

(1) The day the cat Wars started! You wouldn’t think feeding next door’s cat would cause so much trouble!

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